Air lock valve are specially engineered valves that are extensively used in diverse industries. These are made of superior grade of steel that makes them highly durable and sturdy.

Air lock valves are indispensable in many industries and are required in many specifications. we also offer to fabricate these on many attributes if the clients so desires.

We provide our clients with a world-class range of Rotary Air Lock Valves, which can be put to use as a discharger, pneumatic feeder and batch feeder. These valves are made using quality material, which makes these all the more durable. Our clients can avail these valves at an affordable price.

Rotary airlock are used as metering devices for dry free flowing materials of various size shapes, used with mixers, tanks, blenders, silos, classifiers, dryers, dust collectors, hoppers and cyclone collectors. The capacity of Yagnam Pulverizer valves varies from 50 kg/hr to 50,000 kg/hr depending on the product characteristics and virtually in almost all industries working under adverse operating conditions of temperature and pressure.

Yagnam Pulverizer Valves are suitable for Coffee, Detergents, Chemicals, Dry foods, Grains, Plastic, Starch, Sugar, Drugs , Flour , etc. These airlock valves have close operating clearances for optimum efficiency and easy access to internal components and have They are designed to control the flow in dry solid metering, discharging, and also in pneumatic conveying systems operating under negative/positive pressure differential.

Yagnam Pulverizer Rotary Air Lock sizes ranging from 75 mm to 800mm and are available in various material of construction such as SS-316, CI/MS, SS-304, SS-316.L. Rotary Air Lock Valves are available in drop-through, Side entry or blow through design supplied as per customers requirement.

Salient Features

  • Precision Construction
  • Casted Body
  • Multi vane Rotor (with adjustable tips / Beveled tips)
  • Sealed outboard bearings
  • Optional venting & purging
  • Packing Glands
  • Self lubricating bearing
  • Fall through Type/ Blow through Type
  • Pallet type Rotary Air lock valves designed to handle Plastic Granules for avoiding jamming
  • Powder Design to handle Powder
  • Used for High temperature Application
  • MOC: MS / SS304 / SS316


Sr.No Diameter (mm) Lit/ Rev Motor HP Empty Weight In Kg Flange to Flange Height Width (A X A') Flange Opening
1 150 3.0 0.5 100 280 520 x 530 Round
2 200 5.4 0.5 125 325 575 x 580 Round
3 250 10.4 1.0 160 400 650 x 580 Round
4 300 16 1.5 200 450 720 x 760 Round
5 350 28 2.0 250 520 770 x 900 Round
6 400 48 3.0 400 570 880 x 880 Square
7 450 62 3.0 450 640 1010 x 750 Square

RV rpm < = 20rpm
Filling efficiency h= 70 to 80 %