Pneumatic Conveyor

Vacuum Conveying SysteWorks on negative pressure for conveying the material from one or number of pick-up points to one discharge point. This system is best suitable for providing duct free conditions around inlet. The system is composed of pick-up nozzle, divertor valve, rotory lock, cyclone separator, bag filter discharge lock, exhauster piping.

Pressure Conveying System Conveys bulk material by air under pressure. This system offers advantages of conveying material from one place to one or number of discharge points. The system is composed of a blower or Fan, Rotory Lock, Cyclone Separator, Divertor Valve, Piping and Fittings.

Yagnam Pulverizer provides complete systems designed to increase efficiency within your plant through the use of pneumatic conveying. Yagnam Pulverizer customers typically rely on our experience to design a complete system to accept delivery of bulk materials or ingredients and deliver these products to end-use points throughout a processing facility

Pneumatic conveyor is a unique and useful pneumatic conveying equipment that is needed for conveying fine powders vertically at heights that vary from low levels to as high as 100M. Some of its special features include no moving parts, no maintenance, and low power consumption. It is highly demanded in the international market for these features and can be customized as per the specifications laid by our clients.


Bulk Material Handling Systems

Pneumatic conveying is at the core of many bulk material handling systems.

From developing simple conveying systems to solving difficult material handling problems, Yagnam Pulverizer has the knowledge and ability to help processors more effectively handle a large variety of bulk materials.

Yagnam Pulverizer has developed a variety of application-specific pneumatic transfer systems for bulk material unloading and storage and for weighing and scaling operations.


Pneumatic conveying equipment serving the following industries:


Plastics: The automation of plastics processes such as plastics extrusion, compounding, and resin manufacturing can be done with pneumatic conveying and related bulk material handling equipment. Yagnam Pulverizer pneumatic conveying equipment is specifically engineered for systems in the plastics industry such as scaling, in-plant pressure conveying, in-plant vacuum conveying, vacuum sequencing and rail unload.

Compounding: The production of plastics consists of many important process steps, which are needed to generate a homogeneous application-specific plastic compound from a number of different raw materials. From railcars to feeders, Yagnam Pulverizer systems provide pressure and vacuum conveying systems to solve your material handling needs in plastics compounding and composites production.

Chemical and Mineral: Yagnam Pulverizer designs and manufactures both small and large equipment for dry bulk material handling systems for many of the world's leading chemical and mineral processors for systems conveying materials such as calcium carbonate, copper-hydroxide, talc, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, soda ash, limestone, sodium-benzoate, burnt wood chips, clay/carbon blend, gypsum, vanadium-pentoxide, dolocron, dicalcium-phosphate, silica, TiO2, lead oxide, ammonia- sulfate and boric acid.

Food & Pet Food: Within the food industry, Yagnam Pulverizer has served numerous applications including tortillas, bread and cake mixes, pasta, rice, snack food, cereal, candy, cookies and crackers, ice cream, pet food and more.

Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical: Yagnam Pulverizer offers sanitary pneumatic conveying equipment for several pharmaceutical applications when conveying delicate materials such as tablet granulations, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients, and even finished capsules and tablets.

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