Yagnam Pulverizer offers variety of elevators like centrifugal discharge type, positive discharge type, continuous type and also super capacity elevators.

Yagnam Pulverizer are designed to handle all types of critical applications of the process industries. Yagnam Pulverizer equipment combine the most advanced design with optimum selection of components and world class manufacturing techniques to meet all application and capacity requirements. The complete line of bucket elevators include large capacity centrifugal discharge elevators, continuous discharge slow speed elevators and combined discharge RP design bucket elevators and industrial duty elevators for light duty applications. This range of elevators can meet any application requirement.

Bucket elevator includes belt bucket elevator, Ring chain bucket elevator and NE plate chain bucket elevator.

High speed centrifugal discharge type bucket elevators are used for conveying dry easily flowing, pulverized and fine size lumpy materials like crushed coal, cement, sand etc. In case of large size lumpy and abrasive materials, Yagnam Pulverizer offers slow speed elevators where without scooping the material is lifted.


  • On site increase or decrease in height possible.
  • Less maintenance due to self lubricated bearings.
  • Easy tensioning of belt possible.
  • Quick cleaning of bottom intake section due to doors on either side.
  • Longer bucket life since deep drawn steel buckets are used.
  • Hold back unit is provided to prevent drifting back of loaded buckets during power cut-off.